Patricia Sutlive Richardson



Would you like to increase your vitality?

To stay more centered?

To learn how to nurture your nervous system?

To practice slowing down your mind?

Each individual is a unique dynamic; a rich integration of mind, body and spirit. We are also a grand mix of belief, temperament, genetics, conditioning, and lifestyle that determines a level of health and freedom. As human beings, we have an extraordinary innate healing system that brings homeostasis/balance as we allow it, practicing awareness and patience. At the core of the Art of Self-Care is qigong, massage therapies and mindfulness training, simple practices that bring support and nourishment for the whole person.



The grandmother of Tai Chi, qigong is a moving meditation, an energy practice, designed to cultivate ‘chi’ and to promote the flow of the vital force. Simple, invigorating, balancing, soothing.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is the practice of heightened awareness of the present moment with compassion for one’s self. It is based on attitudes including nonjudgement, beginner’s mind, patience, and letting go.


Massage Therapies

A mini-retreat, the practice of receiving, of letting go, of being nurtured.