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Qigong in the Ossabaw Wild


Patricia Richardson and Lesley Varnadore will facilitate a three-day/two-night retreat on Ossabaw Island intended to foster self-applied health enhancement methods. The setting and elemental forces of Ossabaw Island are a prime environment for a retreat such as this. 

Qigong is made up of two Chinese words. Qi (pronounced ‘chee’), translates to mean life force or vital-energy, that flows through all things in the universe. The second word gong, (pronounced ‘gung’), means accomplishment or skill, cultivated through steady practice. Together qigong means cultivating energy. It is a system practice for health maintenance, healing, and increasing vitality.

Patricia will teach the elements of qigong including:

  • Gentle movement/physical postures

  • Self-applied massage

  • Breathing techniques

  • Focused attention/meditation practice

Lesley will nurture the group with her mindfully prepared vegetarian cuisine. Lesley offers a component to the retreat acknowledging our connection to the earth through the food we choose, how we prepare our food with attention to family table.

Rates and Accommodations:

  1. Club House - $425. Dormitory-style rooms.

  2. Boarding House - $475. Rooms with more privacy, but not guaranteed single-rooms.

Includes workshop, all meals, and boat transportation to and from Delegal Creek Marina on Skidaway Island to Ossabaw island. Ferry leaves at 4:00 pm Friday, October 4 and returns Sunday at 11:00 am.


To register, contact Lesley Varnadore at varnadore.lesley@gmail.com.

For questions, contact Lesley at 919.323.1615.


Ossabaw provides an exceptional ‘laboratory’ for the practice of cultivation of the vital force, connection to oneself and the natural world, and an opportunity for a new perspective in self-care. 

We give gratitude to Ossabaw’s grandeur and mystery, honoring the curriculum she has of her own.

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