What is Qigong?

The grandmother of Tai Chi, qigong is a moving meditation, an energy practice, designed to cultivate ‘chi’ and to promote the flow of the vital force.

The word “qigong” in Chinese characters translates to “qi” meaning life force, vital energy, or subtle breath and “gong” meaning a skill developed through practice. The art of qigong physically, mentally, and spiritually gathers and directs life-giving energy through and around the body, opening our natural energy meridians and bringing awareness to our physical presence in a physical world.

Gentle, easy movements awaken the organs, muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the body and promote a healthy flow of vital, healing fluids and energy pathways.

Simple, invigorating, balancing, soothing.


Qigong Classes

There are several choices for qigong classes in the Savannah community. Patricia regularly teaches a class at Wesley Oak Methodist Church in Thunderbolt at 11am on Tuesdays.

See the community overview of classes and information at www.savannahqigong.net. There is typically no charge for classes through the Savannah Qigong Community although some qigong teachers will charge for private classes.